Investing in your Special Event

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PR Events

If you are hosting a PR or other Event the Photography will be tailored to your brief and a quote will be prepared specifically. For some guidance on cost for this type of event please see the Assignment fees.

Proms, Evening Balls, Ladies Nights

At no cost to your organiser (min requirement 150 guests or £200 + VAT payment required), our Photography Team would attend at least one hour prior to the start of pre-dinner reception to set-up & prepare, and take colour photographs of Individuals/Couples/Groups as they arrive.

These photographs would be available shortly after the dinner is completed and displayed for sale at £10 per 9" x 6" mounted print (inclusive of VAT).

Other items such as Canvas's, keyrings, Jigsaw Puzzles and larger prints can be purchased from the website a few days following the event; the images will be available for viewing in the password protected client area on the website. 

The Team can also take photographs of speeches, presentations, awards, group table images etc if required, but we would ask for confirmation of this beforehand as an additional cost may be incurred.