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The Official Photographs by Charles Davis of the First annual International Fashion Week held in Birmingham. Once a year, Spring Birmingham will become an international location for fashion and lifestyle professionals. During the Birmingham Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts, buyers, trade experts and the media interact at shows and attend BHMFW ‘The Exhibition’ and off-schedule events.

As one of the world’s most iconic cities, Birmingham is the perfect place to host a Fashion Week of the very highest caliber. Inspired by fashion weeks in cities like Los Angeles, Rio,SanAntonio,NewYork,and London, BHMFW is designed as a platform to showcase international and local talent, promoting the creative culture, supporting the local community and bringing international influences and designers to Birmingham.
A selection of high profile fashion shows showcasing emerging British & international designers, luxurious haute couture, and iconic masterpieces from the world’s leading fashion houses. We believe it is time for the second biggest city of Britain to achieve renown within the global fashion industry and international fashion.

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